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Growing up in El Paso was a blessing. 915!!! I love my Mexican-American heritage, and the Southwest, it's where I developed my taste in music, food and overall affinity for life.


  At a young age I fell in love with performing while watching my mother sing country music. Eventually, she had me and one of my sisters (I have a lot of sisters) get on stage during her breaks, and sings songs in the silliest outfits that she personally made, embarrassing!

After completing undergrad, I worked in regional theatre productions at the El Paso Community College, and the Adobe Horseshoe Theatre. I also appeared in local commercials and worked on indie and student films - all experiences that lead me to New York City, where I earned  an MFA at the Actors Studio Drama school.


I'm grateful that everyday I get to wake up and pursue my dreams, and for the support of my family and friends. Ultimately I'm working towards improving representation in this industry. I want to represent Latinas beyond stereotypes, and create space where we can tell stories that shift the current paradigm and shed light on current social justice issues.