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Let's Give Back! Annunciation House

Updated: Jun 1, 2019

Click to donate as I raise money for event space to host this fundraiser!

In December, as I was packing for my flight to El Paso (I go home for Christmas every year), I saw a post from Bob Moore, freelance writer for Texas Monthly, and former editor for the El Paso Times, on Facebook stating that ICE had just dropped off 250 migrants at the Greyhound Bus Station in Downtown El Paso. I was like dropped off? What do you mean dropped off?

So I reached out to him, and he confirmed that immigrants were being dropped off without clothes, money, food and without knowledge that they were even in El Paso. I couldn't believe this was happening in my own backyard. While most of us are fortunate enough to spend Christmas with family and loved ones, so many people were going to spend the Holidays displaced from their homes, their families and without basic life necessities.

We've all heard the stories about children being separated from parents and the anti-immigration rhetoric the administration has been touting, but hearing about this happening in my own home-town brought it into reality.

Since the Holidays, I have read numerous reports about the inhumane treatment of those being held on the border; stories of holding pens (which have now been shut down), and the overcrowding of detention centers.

Bob told me about Annunciation House, and how they are doing everything they can to provide food, shelter, housing and kindness for the migrants waiting asylum or sadly, deportation. The following article in the Washington Post, informs us how founder, Ruben Garcia is committed to the humane treatment of migrants.

With that said I will be hosting an event in October (details to come) for actors and industry to come together to create a conversation, and use our platform to make a difference and give back.

Proceeds will go to benefit Annunciation House.

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